Thursday, November 13, 2014

Writer's Truth

Today is all about writing the next book! Very happy to have the time and space to tap into the wild side of my imagination. I could live here for hours...truly my happy place.

There's that day when all that I have been noddling and noting over the months comes into perfect alignment and you just know, it's go time. I am in that flow of go!  It's hard to describe this place exactly, but I will try.

As a writer, I never stop writing, I am  constantly in conversation, places and spaces, observing the unusual and book marking it in my mind. Examining the essence of conversations, the layers of relationships, the truth behind the many masks.

While the next book is cooking and simmering in my subconscious I stir it occasionally waiting for it, the story, to tell me when it's done and time to create. There is a feeling to this magic, this place where my characters and plot lines become alive and ready to tell me the story. When I hit that place I just know it's go time, I can feel it churning in my soul.

A very real and exciting place where I buckle up, become consumed and nothing can interrupt the journey. Unlike, the cooking or simmering stage where everything interrupts and I feel so guilty that I have not been writing. But like all things, timing is of the utter most importance.  And knowing that simmering is a part of the process allows me to connect with my writer's truth.  I am always writing, even when I am not.

Happy Thursday!

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