Thursday, October 16, 2008

Bad Boy Tricks

In my house Rob, my guy, can't help but go man once in awhile and try to squish me. Like women that can't help accidentally giving their power away, guys just love squishing us. Now Rob is not the enemy, but being the guy that he is, the man-thing shows up.

For instance, we're in the middle of a remodel. Fine, a month long project has turned into 3 months and of course I can't say a word. Why, because he'll stall even further on the progress. Hence, I have no voice in my own house and I have to be a good little girl, or else.. Well we all know what that means, he'll quit. Now I'd love to throw some money or more monkeys at the project, hell anything at this point to get the job done. I want my office, peace, and my life back.

But noooooo-not Rob for some man-thing reason he enjoys seeing me squirm in discomfort. He likes taking over my office space, using my computer, and generally abusing my patients. And that's where the squishing part comes in. Guys can't help but squish the women they love, it must be in their jeans!

I curse the day I said yes to this remodel, falling for his man-trip and squishing me in my own home. "Just finish your office and get out of mine," is what I scream into the pillow, while I pound my fist crying!

Just another bad-boy trick...